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Big Time Coach Baseball Tryout brings you over 30 years of baseball evaluation insights and baseball draft strategy right to your iPad. This year you can throw away the tryout forms and spreadsheets and instead bring Big Time Coach Baseball Tryout App directly to the field. We have developed another easy to use tool for Baseball Coaches looking to assemble the best players for their team. Our baseball app helps you rate and grade players on performance, skills, attitude and any attribute you look for as a coach with customizable fields.

After the league tryout or team tryout is complete you can study your ratings and rank your players based on the skills or positions you are looking for on your team. Once your rankings are complete you can now get ready for your draft. With Big Time Coach Baseball Tryout you can take all of your player evaluations into the draft room using the Baseball Draft Feature.

The Baseball Draft Feature will allow you to conduct a live draft for you team with all the player data from the tryouts. No more sifting through your paper notes, everything you need is right in the app! Create your team during the draft, while tracking the selection of all the other players in the draft. When the draft is complete, export your team to the Big Time Coach Practice Planner App and Big Time Coach Pitch Counter App and you are ready for the season!


Player Rating

Pre-set skill categories and customizable fields for rating

Age Requirements

Age qualifiers to help you track the number of players on your team to assist you with age requirements.

Player Features

Favorite settings to ensure you don't miss the special players.

Player Card View

Player Evaluation Form that gives you an overall view of each player.