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Big Time Coach Pitch Counter is designed to track pitches and innings for players of all ages. Big Time Coaches are focused first on the health of their players by limiting the number of pitches and innings thrown to avoid arm injuries. This Application gives you the ability to use the Pitch Counter in the game, on the field, in the dugout and even in practice. Pitch counting is taken to a whole new level, giving a coach or parent the ability to track all pitches, by player, throughout the week and season.

As arm injuries increase among youth pitchers, Big Time Coach has developed an app that will help coaches and parents manage the days of rest needed; based on the number of pitches or innings pitched by a player. Little League International days rest rules have been incorporated into the app to help coaches become more knowledgeable about their rules.

An often-overlooked aspect of tracking pitches is the number thrown during practice or Bull Pen sessions. Pitches thrown in the practice setting are often overlooked, but can play a critical role in adding to the risk of arm injuries to pitchers. Through an innovative set of tools the Big Time Coach Pitch Counter addresses this gap, and provides new insight into the process of pitching, tracking and rest.


Innovative Pitch Counter

Keeps track of balls, strikes, total pitches, total outs and strike percentage. A Pitch count view is included to help the coach know the count, assisting in pitch selection decisions.

Game Time Tracking

Provides a list of all pitchers in a game, total pitches, number of innings and current days rest requirement. Tapping a row provides full detail for the pitchers outing.

Seeded Days Rest

Thresholds based on Little League International rules. Covers ages 7 through 18 and can be applied to the Pitch Counter to automatically track the required days of rest. Resources provided in the app for coaches to align with MLB Pitch Smart Program.