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Big Time Coach Baseball Game Planner brings you over 30 years of baseball management experience from the field to our latest app for the iPad. Each year coaches everywhere seek a better solution to managing the game experience, player experience and parent expectations. Game Manager delivers a great resource for coaches to assist you in managing your rosters before you even get to the game.

Game Planner also comes with built in reporting to track the number of innings each player plays by position. This is a great resource for league rules with position requirements for players by games and a great tool for coaches to share with parents concerned about playing time and player positions.


Game Roster Management

Plan your rosters before the game inning by inning to maximize player experience.

One Touch Communication

Send communication to your coaching staff prior to the game through the app.

Player Inning Tracking

Track the number of innings played by each player on the team.

Print Game Rosters

Ability to print pdf files in order to print out your rosters for the game.